3D Modelling

Done once, done right!

Are you second guessing if all your selections will turn out right, worried about how your floorplan is going to flow in real life, scared that you might overlook something important, or experiencing decision fatigue with too many details to keep track of inside your head?

Don’t just imagine your plans, see it and feel it

3D modelling reduces the stress from your build. It saves you from costly mistakes, avoids disappointment of missed details and unnecessary worry because you’ve seen it with your own eyes and can trust the process.

New Build Package

I’ll take your floorplan with dimensions and transform it into a virtual 3D house model! You’ll get to see how the rooms flow and assess your plans for your Kitchen, including your chosen colours and materials. All the crucial things you need to be able to make those critical decisions and sign-offs.


Renovator Package

If you’ve been thinking about taking out a wall, changing the layout of your kitchen, or wanting to completely reimagine the layout of your house then this is the package for you! I’ll create a 3D model of your home showing recommended and/or requested structural changes so you can really get a feel for how your home will look and feel BEFORE you commit to the time & money to make it happen!

  • 3D model of your floorplan
  • Structural changes detailed into the model
  • ‘Blank canvas’ walkthrough of the house
  • Rendered images of the rooms with changes
  • Updated floorplan with key measurements


Exterior Cladding Package

I’ll take your floorplan and transform it into a virtual 3D model of your home’s exterior! I’ll then render in your cladding materials & colours – these can be either specified by you, or my suggestions. Presented beautifully as 3D rendered images so you can see what it will actually look like.

  • 3D model of the exterior of your house
  • Cladding colours & materials rendered
  • Details of any colours or materials suggested


Kitchen, Bathroom, or Laundry

If you’re only focused on visualising your kitchen, bathroom or laundry – then this is a great option. I’ll simply model the relevant room or space only and add in your planned joinery layout. All your chosen fixtures, finishes and colours will be represented in the model. Beautifully presented as 3D rendered images so you can see what it will actually look like.

  • 3D model of your Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry
  • Colours & finishes detailed into the model
  • Rendered images of the finished room



Yes absolutely! The beauty of 3D modelling is that you can easily request any changes you'd like to see until you're happy with how it all looks and feels. Depending on the scope we set at the beginning, there may be an extra fee for changes if additional time is required. But we will discuss and agree on this before further work is done.

We'll start by discussing your project, what you want to achieve, and any inspiration you have.

I'll then put together a customised quote and leadtime for project for you to confirm you're happy with.

If there is a design work involved I will often use moodboards to convey the direction on colour, style, and ideas so you can feel confident we're on the same page before I get started on modelling.

Depending on your package - concept design and further model development may be included at modelling stage. After this I'll then move into detailing and rendering before final documentation and delivery!

It's pretty straight forward! Generally things kick off with you sending me your house plans (or measurements & photos) and letting me know what you'd like to achieve 🙂

Every house and situation is different, so I quote on a project-to-project basis once I understand the details of your project and the time involved. If you would like a brochure with ballpark pricing indications you can email me at info@designingly.co.nz to let me know about your project.

We can share these via email if you'd like - if you have lots of images or files it may be a good idea to collate them all in one document and send it through as a PDF. Or use a secure file transfer system like Google Drive or Dropbox.

I also find Pinterest a really helpful tool. It is a free, user friendly application that allows you to search and save multiple images (or pins). It is amazing for gathering inspo, planning your projects, and easily communicating what looks and designs appeal to you. If you don't already have a Pinterest account and are interested in setting one up you can read how to do that here.

It's very likely that your local council will have a copy of the original build plans on file. This is typically included in a document called a LIM report. This generally includes a 'floorplan' or 'framing plan' which in most cases will have the layout and measurements we need. If this is not available to you, then you can take the measurements yourself. I have a Measuring Guide I can send you with tips on how to do this if required.

If you're already working with a builder or developer and just waiting on plans to be done - then I would recommend waiting until these are completed. Or you could ask them to prioritise an overall 'floorplan' or 'framing plan' with measurements so we can get started on the 3D model in the meantime. The basic information I would need is: House layout, wall measurements, window and door placement + dimensions, and ceiling height/s.

If you're just at the very early stages and don't have a builder or plans yet and looking for help with design. Or you're looking to explore kitchen, bathroom, laundry layout/design concepts for a standard plan (or other room layout) - then you could check out my Design Solutions page, or email me at info@designingly.co.nz to discuss a custom quote.