Assessing Your Budget

When planning and designing for your space it is important to take some time to consider your budget and how it aligns with your expectations (the outcome you have in mind).

In our experience – being asked to put an ‘exact’ number on a budget upfront can be tricky! We understand that.

Because most of us aren’t experts in every field – it’s hard to feel confident in setting a specific budget amount without worrying that your options will be limited or that you’ll end up spending more than was necessary.

Working to a budget ‘level’ is a good way to share some insight on what feels comfortable to you that will help us with designing and sourcing.

With that in mind – we have put together the below examples to help you consider what your goals are and what may be realistic to expect. Of course if you have a very specific budget in mind – you can let us know that too!

Remember that once you have your edesign package you can move forward at entirely your own pace! The If, How, and When is totally up to you!

Lower Budget

The key to achieving a look successfully on a lower budget is to ensure that you prioritize your  key items first (such as sofa, armchairs, table etc) as these are the items that will have the greatest influence on the quality of the overall look.

We will endeavour to keep costs down as much as possible, whilst still maintaining some level of quality. Accessories, soft furnishings and art will be selected from lower cost / more main stream sources.

LOW – A budget conscious design with priority of the spend on key items.

LOW to MED – Mostly budget conscious but open to including some more medium value items.

Medium Budget

MEDIUM – A moderate budget with a balanced focus. Sourcing options are improved.

MED to HIGH – A moderate budget, but willing to invest more on key or special items.

For our medium budget clients we will apply the same general approach (prioritize the quality & spend on key items). However there will be a general improvement in sourcing options – allowing for greater choice & quality in styles, colours and materials.

Higher Budget

With a higher budget we will focus strongly on achieving the best possible design solutions for your needs. While we won’t plan on going ‘crazy’ – not being limited by a smaller budget can open up a much wider scope for unique or higher quality items. You may also wish to incorporate ‘investment’ pieces e.g. original or limited edition art.

HIGH – Design focused. Emphasis on achieving the best design solutions.

** Note: The prices, products and information above are indicative only and given for the sole purpose of providing comparisons of varying affordability levels.