3D Services

3D solutions for New Builds, Renovators, New Homes

If you are struggling with the pressure of decisions for your new build, feeling stuck with how to get the best of your home layout, or keen to explore new ideas for your home but worry about getting it wrong – a 3D service could be what you’re looking for!

I can create a to-scale 3D model to help you visualise your home or interior project – as well as provide support with design insights and ideas to pinpoint any opportunities or issues I see.

Black and White Drawings

A brilliant option for quickly assessing space and scale – because 2D floorplans just don’t cut it when you’re trying to make important (and expensive) decisions!

For new build clients 3Ds can help immensely with making early decisions on structural layout. These early choices not only effect the enjoyment and design potential of your new home – but also in capturing your unique needs within the contracted price that you will set with your builder.

If you are upsizing or downsizing to an existing home – you can benefit from 3D work to assess the compatibility of existing furniture and look at what kind of new pieces you might need to invest in. Worth it’s weight in gold to know this before moving day!

Renovations to your existing home can be a big investment in time, money, and sanity! So 3D drawings can help to confirm visually that the idea has the right ROI (return on investment) for your family.

Here are some of the areas that Black and White 3D drawings can help make a big difference:

  • House plans translated in 3D
  • Floorplan assessments
  • Space Planning / suggested layouts
  • Existing furniture
  • New furniture
  • Feature lighting
  • Alterations
  • Cabinetry Mockups


Colour Drawings

A smart way to do a ‘design cohesion’ check to make sure all the elements you are thinking of work well together and achieve the style and feeling that you’re aiming for.

Colour 3D drawings are a really good way to validate or adjust decisions on things like colour scheme, flooring, furniture, paint, drapes, art and so on.

Seeing these in a to-scale 3D setting is much better than trying to make confident decisions based on tonnes of small samples, pinterest boards and lots of well-meaning outside ‘opinions’!

It’s important that you don’t get so lost in decision making fatigue and style confusion that you fail to achieve an outcome that you are happy with for yourself!

Plus! Seeing your ideas come to life can be super rewarding and help revive the passion for your project!

Here are some of the areas that Colour 3D drawings can help make a big difference:

  • New build specifications
  • Flooring selections / updates
  • Paint selections / updates
  • Art work choices
  • Window treatment styles and colours
  • Furniture styles and colours
  • Blending different wood tones



Every situation and project can be quite different, so please get in touch with me to let me know what you’re after. We’ll discuss possible options and costs based on estimated time involved. You can contact me directly at info@designingly.co.nz or fill out my contact form here


* * Note: All 3D design work carried out by Designingly is strictly conceptual only and not to be used for manufacturing purposes. 

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